What does home automation mean?

Home automation systems are basically systems that let you control several features around your home with the use of a central operating device or even your mobile phone like Android devices, iPhones, and others. Home automation is a state of the art technology that seems to have been inspired by popular movie culture wherein the connectivity aspect of appliances and technological devices speaks a lot about the promising innovations of the future. This technology is now within your reach. Chief Electricians is here to help transform your Melbourne home into a modern Smart Home.

What are the things you can control through home automation?
  • Audio/visual systems such as home theatres
  • Ceiling fans/exhaust fans
  • Keyless entry door locks
  • Lights
  • Roller shutters and motorised blinds
  • Heating and cooling
  • Security systems
  • Smart energy management systems
  • Other electronic appliances
  • And everything that you wish to control from the comfort of your couch